Andy Keyek

Boat House Manager / Captain Smiley

Andy has been around water his entire life.  From the Jersey Shore to the coast of New England, the ocean has always been a special place producing many fond memories.  The move to Colorado in the early ’90s with multiple University of Rhode Island ski team members was not that difficult of a choice but leaving the water behind was.  Discovering the river was the next step. The Eagle River, Gore Creek, and Upper Colorado were the initial introductions to his kayaking adventures.  Spending four years in the Eagle Valley provided many thrilling days of skiing, river running, and an introduction into the world of music production with a local band.  After the band decided to move to LA, Steamboat Springs sounded much better and 24 years later it is still called home.

The Yampa River was the new playground and after an interesting trip down Fish Creek, he decided to retire the kayak.  When an old college friend brought WinterWonderGrass to town, stand-up paddleboarding became the new thrill, from peak runoff through downtown Steamboat on the Yampa river to navigating Split Canyon on the Green. Music joined the flow and RiverWonderGrass came to Adrift bringing a whole new bunch of friends and family.  Andy is excited to tackle new responsibilities at Adrift as the boathouse manager, guide-in-training, river concierge, welcoming committee, and coffee guy.  If you need something, check with Andy.