5 Days

Breaking the Mold

  • Adult /
  • $1,249


Yampa Canyon on the Yampa River in CO to Green River, UT


5 Days

72 Miles


Class IV Rapids
Beginner/Intermediate Whitewater
Minimum 7 years old and 50 lbs


June 3rd – June 7th, 2020

Whitewater has always been looked at as something only the select few are allowed to access and experience. While this may be true on some levels, it’s about time that everyone gets a chance at experiencing the adrenalin rush that comes with hitting big waves and running through rapids. Beginners in whitewater might find themselves asking “is this for me?”, it certainly is. Breaking The Mold rafting trip is based on body positivity and the idea of inclusion in whitewater. Taking you out of your comfort zone while also making you feel welcome in the outdoors is one of our main priorities with this trip. Five days camping in Dinosaur National Monument, complete with class III-IV rapids and plenty of hikes, we want to give you the opportunity to be immersed in the backcountry without the fear of judgment. Join us on this self-elevating learning experience and welcoming adventure.

Accompanying you on this trip are plus-size adventurers, Sam Ortiz, Megan Banker, and Jenny Bruso. Leading the trip is Ashley Manning. Each of these people are making moves in various outdoor sports to make climbing, hiking, and paddling more accessible and welcoming for plus size bodies and more.


Sam Ortiz

Sam is a plus-size latinx mountaineer and photographer. She found the community page Big Girls Climb Too for plus-size climbers that identify as female or non-binary. Ortiz is making waves in advocating for more diversity in climbing and mountaineering. Her instagram is @samortizphoto


Megan Banker

Plus size climber Megan Banker pushes the boundaries set on her and is questioning what do rock climbers look like? Banker owns Verve Lifestyle Center, a chiropractic and wellness center in Oregon. Questioning who is suppose to be on these rock walls and finding new footings for plus-size climbers, she has been breaking barriers. You can find Megan on Instagram at @pdxoutdoorchiro



Jenny Bruso

Have you heard of the Unlikely Hikers? If you haven’t, you should have. Jenny Bruso is the creator of the body liberating movement called the Unlikely Hikers. Bruso has made it her mission to give representation to all people in the outdoors. She leads group hikes in various cities for people of all abilities, races, ages, sizes, and experience. The unlikely hikers are on instagram at @unlikelyhikers