4 Days

Lodore – Stillness & Surrender Retreat (The Härt Collective)

  • Adult /
  • $2997


Starts at the Gates of Lodore in CO & ends at Split Mountain Campground in UT


4 Days

44 miles


Class III Rapids
Beginner/Intermediate Whitewater
Minimum 18 years old and 50 lbs


Sept 2nd – Sept 7th 2022

The Härt Collective has partnered with Adrift to bring you an epic adventure into the wilderness. We’re bringing together a group of heart-led leaders who desire to deepen their connection to themselves, their visions for a better world and to this growing community.

This collaboration has proven to be truly transformational as we bring a group of incredible heart-led humans together to share in a mix of intentional conversations, facilitated healing music (Rob & Melanie) and growth-oriented workshops to expand our hearts and minds as we explore deep into this canyon and even deeper into ourselves.

If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to experience this river, you’re not going to want to miss this opportunity to do it alongside other incredible men and women deepening their connection to the heart! If you’d like to learn more and find out if this experience is right for you please reach out to us directly! We’d love to answer any questions or concerns. Limited space available.


What you can expect when you sign up:

  • 5 nights total | 3 nights and 4 days on the river
  • Fully guided river expedition with trained expert river guides
  • Daily Meditation and Morning Activations
  • Mindful movement and Breathwork practices
  • 1:1 guidance, Intentional conversations, Facilitated discussions
  • Self-reflection & Sound healing sessions
  • Deliciously prepared, and balanced meals by a private chef

Join us as we reconnect with nature, heal our bodies, and fully immerse ourselves into the beautiful current of life. Rafting starts at the Gates of Lodore in Colorado and ends at Split Mountain Campground in Utah.

*This experience is open to both men and women looking to deepen their connection with nature, community and Self. No rafting experience required. It’s fun and adventurous but not dangerous.


Stillness has a way of bringing forth the listener. The river will guide us, the water will support us, nature will sing to us, and the stars will inspire us. Surrender is not a passive act, it’s the most courageous act an individual can choose; to follow one’s own heart, even when it’s calling you into the unknown. Surrendering involves getting outside your comfort zone. When’s the last time you were still enough to listen to your own heart? Nature has a way of healing; this experience will unfold for you in perfect ways. I’m very much looking forward to experiencing it again. I’ll see you there!

Joe Hawley , Founder, The Härt Collective

“The connection gained with myself, the earth, and every person on this trip is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. I have never felt so alive. When I say the connection with every person on this trip, that includes the river guides, the production team, and The Hart Collective”. ~ 2021 attendee


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Meet your hosts:

Joe Hawley is a retired NFL football player who’s faced some deep existential questions following his decision to walk away from the game, most notably, “who am I without this thing I’ve spent my entire life pursuing greatness at?” Answering this question became the focus of his life and led him on a journey of self-discovery, healing and stepping up into heart-led leadership.

Ben Harris is a fear coach and intuitive guide. Rooted in love, Ben is a testament of what possibilities arise when you love fear and trust your inner knowing. Ben’s diverse experiences have served his empathic ability to support others in meeting their deepest Selves.

This year we include special guests; musician and healer Robert James Ryan III and somatic breathwork and sound practitioner, Melanie Barrett to balance out our facilitation team in co-facilitating this experience. Rob is a multi-instrumentalist, author, healer, co-founder of Body Of Worship & deep advocate of practical mysticism.

“Melanie brings an energy that is so contagious and inspiring, just being in her presence is expansive. She is an incredible leader bringing a deeper awareness to the feminine aspects of leadership that have laid dormant within each of us.” – Joe Hawley