4 Days

OtterBox Presents: Novel Grapes Lodore Retreat

  • 1 Person /
  • 1,100


Starts at the Gates of Lodore in CO & ends at Split Mountain Campground in UT


4 Days

44 Miles


Class III Rapids
Beginner/Intermediate Whitewater
Minimum 7 years old and 50 lbs


August 8, 2019

Presented by OtterBox, Adrift Dinosaur is excited to partner with Jacki Carr of “Rock Your Bliss” and “Novel Grapes Book Club” to create a fun, restorative and salubrious river adventure through the Gates of Lodore. Adrift Adventures has been outfitting tours in Dinosaur National Monument for almost Fifty Years. Jacki is no stranger to workshops, retreats and gatherings, leading some highly regarded experiences all over the world.

The gorgeous and remote canyons of the Green River create a backdrop for an experience that truly inspires our own creative palates. As the trip unfolds with a veritable tapestry of geological colors and formations you can’t help but connect outwardly with your peers and environment, and inwardly, within the deepest parts of your self. Where better to go with the flow, connect with like minded bookies, share thrilling water experiences and rousing campfire conversations than with us. Scintillating and delectable meals will be provided by our very own inspired chef.

Jacki will be providing coaching and leading campfire discussions and activities. Because of the intimate nature of this experience and our desire to really provide the best service to our attendees, we are capping the trip at 15 patrons.

Book now and join us on a Book Club trip that is far and away from the typical restaurant, cafe or living room experience that has become common. The walls that surround us will be the canyon walls.  Our roof will be splattered with the stars of milky way and constellations named from the greatest myths of Greek and Roman mythology.  Our hearth will be the fire we create and our circle is reaching out to you to join.

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