Brian Gardel

River Guide / Professional

Born and raised in France, Brian (Frenchy) left his native home to pursue a college education in upstate New York. After graduating college, he traveled west to Colorado for a year of ski bumming. One year turned into 28, and he and his wife, Holley, now call Steamboat Springs, Colorado their home.

Brian’s passion for wild rivers began in 1995 when he embarked on a kayaking road trip across the west with a friend. They went from Arizona to Idaho and all points in between. Frenchy is just as passionate about rivers and desert canyons today as he was on that very first launch on the banks of the Verde River.

After more than twenty years kayaking Class V rivers, he discovered a love for rowing a raft. This became a new and different way to experience the beauty of the landscape from within the canyon, and this is where he feels most at home. When Brian is not on the oars, you’ll find him building websites for his clients, riding mountain bikes, or guiding backcountry skiing trips in the winter.

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