What Should I Bring?

For Multi day trips you will want to bring:
Tents, pads, sleeping bags, headlamps, and any other night time sleep gear. Camping gear IS NOT provided, but can be rented (bag and pad-$45; and a two person tent-$35) at the Adrift store. If renting, notification is needed at least two weeks prior to the launch. Also you may want to bring some soda or alcoholic beverages, and maybe a few snacks.

For single day trips bring some dry cloths for the end.

What Shouldn't I Bring?

Glass bottles or any non water-proof electronics.

What is Provided For Multi-Day Trips?

Professional guides & all boating equipment, one waterproof duffel bag per person, and all meals from first day to last day lunch.

Where Can I Pick Up My Dry Bag

Please stop by our office before 4 pm the day prior to launch so you can pick-up your dry bag.

What If I have Special Dietary Needs?

We can offer vegetarian options if arranged for in advance. If you have special dietary needs please include them in your Profile Form which you return to us at least 2 weeks prior, and we will try to accommodate you, within reason.