About Us

We are foremost river women and river men.  We are an open-hearted tribe of adventurers, seekers, pilgrims, travelers, musicians, and stewards.  We draw inspiration from the explorers, pioneers, and protectors of the rivers and canyons that came before us.  We believe that right now we are in a position to exact positive influence and help inspire a new generation of stewards, extreme athletes, and adventurers that will continue a legacy of environmental activism and stewardship.

In 2010, Javier Placer and Scotty Stoughton founded Stand Up Paddle Colorado to share their love of river SUP and adventure. In 2016 the duo was among the first to paddle the entire Grand Canyon on the majestic Colorado River and knew they had to find a way to share the magic of an unplugged multi-day river expedition. When the opportunity came up to acquire their permit for Dinosaur National Monument on the Green River and the Yampa River, the pair put together a deal, the rest is history.



“Each day peels off a new layer of connectivity and the flow starts to happen—you begin to come back to your authentic human self.”