SUP Dino

SUP Dinosaur National Monument

Adrift is the only outfitter in Dinosaur National Monument that provides guided SUP trips on the Yampa and the Green River. Our top quality SUP River Guides are happy to help you navigate these 5 or 4-day river paddleboard trips, which can be for just you, you and one other person, or a group of friends and family. We offer standard SUPs as well as duckies on all of our standard trips, which are shared between guests and are used intermittently at the discretion of the Trip Leader. The use of SUPs on our standard trips have no extra charge associated with them.

We offer a SUP upgrade for those who really want the thrill, challenge and skill building experience on a paddle board. The 4-day and 5-day river format lends itself perfectly to an “at your pace” progression that will enhance not only your paddling skills, but also your understanding of the river. This upgrade includes a SUP River Guide as well as a 16 ft. rescue cataraft that provides safety and space for guests should they choose to take a break and/or portage a given section.

Collectively, our guides have logged thousands of river miles on SUPs. They have also been trained in swift water rescue and instructional certifications through the American Canoe Association.

The breakdown of the SUP upgrade program is as follows:

1-Person SUP Private Option

You are essentially getting a private instructor and safety vessel. Over the 4-5 days of the trip, you will get one-on-one instruction and support from your SUP River Guide for 5-8 hours of river time a day. The instruction will be tailored completely to your own needs and goals. This includes the use of all of our own premier river SUP boards and paddles as well as a wetsuit, if you so choose.

5-Day Price: $4,400.00   4-Day Price: $4,098.00

2-Person SUP Option

5-Day Price: $2933.22 / person     4-Day Price: $2,732.00 / person

3+ Person SUP Option

From 3 people on, the price is the same per person for add-ons.  At this point, if need be, we will add instructors to keep our 4-to-1 ratio on the river.  This is a great option for a group of friends that want to take advantage of the upgrade and it helps break up the cost among the group.

5-Day Price: $1466.00 / person    4-Day Price: $1366.00 / person