Peace in Red Canyons


There is a feeling you get on a multi-day trip that borders on the ineffable. When it’s sunrise and you happen to be up. A light blanket of morning dew laying on everything. The steep canyon walls with morning glow like a gentle museum light accentuating a 62 million-year-old geological masterpiece. The occasional tent or hammock pepper the landscape. Camp chairs are displaced around in clusters and the occasional one is off on its own. The rafts are anchored at the stake, beached. An occasional doe checks in. Critters creep about for potential bounty from the previous nights shenanigans. Whatever happens anywhere else in the universe at this moment is irrelevant. Coffee is about to start brewing, the coolers have food, the gear is top notch and the magic of the canyon is meeting you where you are. Later on there will be miles to cover. There will be rapids and hikes but for now, there is peace.

If you are called at all to the experiences and landscapes that I have described here. If there is a longing in your heart to slow down, get away and take some time in a remote wonderland of surrender and serenity. Please look over our signature trips and specialty trips we have been working hard to cultivate for you. We look forward to sharing our peace with you.

Javier Placer

CEO/River Manager

Adrift Adventures
Stand Up Paddle Colorado

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