Laurel Durbin

River Guide / Adventurer

Laurel is a self-proclaimed river rat and has been exploring the rivers all over the west since the age of three. She chose to work in Dinosaur National Monument on the Green and the Yampa with Adrift because she thinks that the Yampa is one of the most magical places on Earth. She will frequently tell you about how pretty it is and how much she loves it because able to share it with people coming down the river. She loves running rapids and making people feel more connected with water in general. On the river, she is guaranteed to always have a smile in the morning, a costume for herself and you to wear, and a  yerba mate in hand.

When Laurel isn’t at Adrift, she lives in California and explores new places there during the off-season. She loves SUP-ing on new rivers, riding her mountain bike, checking out wildflowers, playing with her dog Daisy, and making yummy food with veggies from her garden. She is currently going to school for a major in Geography and Environmental Science. She loves sharing this knowledge all throughout the summer while floating through the stunning canyons!