Mark Gibson

River Guide

Mark Gibson “Gibby” has been guiding for Adrift since 1990, and he still floats! As a Professor of Recreation and Outdoor Education (ROE) at Western Colorado University since 2000, he has formed some strong bonds with Adrift and has sent many of his current and former students to become Professional River Guides for Adrift Dinosaur! You might even find his son Finn and daughter Grace on the Adrift Guide lineup as they grew up running Wild Rivers early on! As co-founder of the Yampa River Awareness Project, Gibby has dedicated much of his life on the water helping to raise awareness of our last Major Free Flowing River, the Yampa! Now addicted to River Wonder Grass Trips, he guides several trips a year for Adrift, and brings students from ROE on the annual Yampa River Guide Training Trip! “I am proud to be part of the Adrift Family, and hope to see you on the Wild Yampa, or Green River this season!”